Missi Kitchen

Your One-stop Healthy Meal Provider

Missi Kitchen is our latest service that uphold the healthy living standard of our community, and also our own central kitchen to cater for our residents’ meals, and offering healthcare online meals.

We care about you

Our Nursing Home Services

We care about you

Facilities of Our Nursing Home

Elderly-Friendly Accommodation

Elegantly designed bedroom and spacious activity hall

Healthy Food

3 healthy meals a day, tea and healthy snack throughout the day

Fully Air-Conditioned

Fully air-conditioned centre with the comfort stay in mind

Free Laundry Services

The centre provide free laundry services

Elderly Care Set-Up

Hand rail, bathing chair, high toilet seat, non-slip toilet flooring, illuminated walk way at night

Ambulance Service

Ambulance services available when needed

Near Hospital

10-30 minutes drive to the nearest hospital


Arrangement for transportation is available